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Over 100 million people in the U.S. have problems with hypertension, or high blood pressure—that’s almost 1 in 3.  It’s a BIG DEAL…and with the correct diet and nutritional supplements, it’s one of the easiest health challenges to fix!


High blood pressure is called the “Silent Killer”.   You can have super-high blood pressure, be about to have heart attack, and you won’t know it because the body isn’t wired neurologically to “feel” high blood pressure.  We can feel a knife wound or the pain from smacking your hand with hammer, but the body doesn’t have sensors for high blood pressure.


High blood pressure left unchecked and untreated can lead to:


  • Heart Failure
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Kidney Failure


The numbers for determining the cutoff for high blood pressure for many years were 140/90.  Before becoming alarmed, the reading needed to show higher in both numbers for three consistent readings—THREE.  This method is not paid attention any longer—nowadays, if someone has ONE reading above these numbers, they’re put on medication.  Recently the medical establishment has lowered these numbers, and drug sales went through the roof.  Coincidence?  Perhaps…but not likely.

There are three main causes of high blood pressure:


1.  Calcium Deficiency.  When you have a calcium deficiency, the body has run out of calcium—period.  Calcium causes muscles to relax.  When you have eye twitches, Charlie horses and cramps, it’s because you don’t have enough calcium, which helps the muscle to relax and not constrict.  Arteries carry blood towards the heart, veins carry it away. Arteries have muscles, veins do not.  When you’re deficient in calcium, the muscles in the arteries constrict, squirting the blood through faster and you have high blood pressure—it’s as straightforward as that.


Calcium isn’t the easiest thing in the world to get.  Where does it come from?  The soil.  Where does the cow get calcium?  It has to come from the grass it eats.  If there’s no calcium in the soil where the grass is located, the cow’s milk does NOT have calcium.  There is typically more calcium in maple syrup than in cow’s milk.


Most of the calcium supplements in your health food store are barely absorbable by the body.  In order to get what you need, for most brands you’ll have to consume 40 tablets a day—which no one is going to do.  On top of that, in order to break the capsule down you need strong stomach acid, which requires calcium, so it’s a catch 22.  It just so happens that OUR calcium supplement is 95% absorbable by the body, so read on.


2.  PAD in Kidneys (peripheral artery disease).  There are tiny, TINY blood vessels feeding into the kidney, so small that only one red blood cell at a time can squeeze through.  When they get clogged up, the blood builds up behind them; in order to help force the blood through, the kidney secretes the enzyme renin which causes blood pressure to go up.  The body is trying to force the blood through the clog by doing this.  The main cause of these vessels becoming clogged is eating bad foods, especially fried foods.  This is NOT genetic—it’s about the way you eat!


3.  Obesity.  When you’re overweight, your heart has to work much harder when you’re walking around with lots of extra pounds on your frame.  There’s a strain on the heart to get blood through the extra mass—it’s that simple.  It takes more pressure to push the blood along when there’s so much extra real estate.


Educating yourself about high blood pressure, and taking action, is going to help ensure you don’t have to suffer one of the most common health challenges in our country today.  Also, by dealing with your calcium deficiency the right way, you will be simultaneously addressing about 275 other diseases caused by calcium deficiency such as arthritis, osteoporosis, ringing in the ears and restless leg syndrome.  Think of it as a 275-for-1 special!


Our team works with doctors and products that provide a simple yet effective plan for supporting the body’s own ability to correct high blood pressure without the need for drugs and surgery.  Join us today—let’s work together to get you on the road to better health! For more information: contact us.

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