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Healthy Blood Sugar

A balanced, healthy life begins with healthy blood sugar. Find out how to maintain that healthy balance naturally!

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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a health concern affecting millions of Americans. The need of nutrition has never been more important, especially when it comes to high blood pressure! Find out some natural approaches for preventing and improving high blood pressure.

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Selenium – The Miracle Mineral

Selenium is an important essential nutrient. A healthy, balanced lifestyle needs to include this miracle mineral. Cancer prevention is just one of the many benefits of this simple, yet effective mineral!

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Healthy Weight Loss

Natural weight loss can be easy and permanent! Read more about how to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle here!

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A Little About Us!

We're a team of individuals, like you, and are interested in achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Reaching the summit of our health is our goal! We'd like to help each one of you achieve the same thing...irregardless of your current health condition. There is something here for everyone to benefit from! Our doctor has over 20 years clinical experience and can educate and help you in the comfort of your own home!

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Real Life Success Stories

Linda and I began looking for burial plots for both of us, setting up all our “trusts” and preparing ourselves to leave this life. I followed the doctor’s recommendations and I am now having GREAT RESULTS. I’ve lost 35 pounds,  reversing the diabetes, and my high blood pressure is gone.  The pain in my feet is GONE, and I’m almost off all of my prescriptions!



Click this link to see the full, live testimonial! >>>  - http://mystairway2health.psmutheme.com/success-stories/larry-and-lindas-story/

Weak joints were not the only health problem I had either.  Can you imagine being a dental assistant and having issues with Carpal Tunnel??   The pain used to be so unbearable that I had to come home from work every night and wrap my wrist in a bandage.  It got to the point that I almost had to make a career change.   About the same time that my joints started healing, so did my Carpal Tunnel.  So glad I found this nutritional supplement program!! -Sandra

Click this link to see the full, live testimonial! >>>  - http://mystairway2health.psmutheme.com/success-stories/sandras-story/

I  began a complete nutritional supplement program with the 91 essential nutrients. I NOW HAVE MY LIFE BACK! My intestinal tract is back on track and the pain is GONE! (The pain is gone from the DDD, too!) I  JUST DISCOVERED THAT I HAVE DROPPED TWO PANTS SIZES! …  All my body needed was the nutrients it was lacking to fix itself!
We will be forever grateful to the Doc that showed us proper nutrition.  With both “HEALTH AND WEALTH”…WHAT MORE COULD ONE WANT!  YOU CANNOT PUT A PRICE TAG ON YOUR LIFE! 

– Linda P.

Click this link to see the full, live testimonial! >>>  - http://mystairway2health.psmutheme.com/success-stories/larry-and-lindas-story/


About two years ago I developed sinus congestion which got worse and worse.   I got bronchitis last October and my health changed.  I had congestion in my chest that wouldn’t go away.  I rarely slept more than 2 hours a night, and the sleep deprivation made me into a different person–it was simply terrible!!  I had no life, and was losing hope that I would ever recover.

I discovered these products and Dr. G through a radio program.  …I started feeling a bit better… Amazingly, right at the four-month mark I started sleeping through the night and my cough went away.  I now have just a little congestion in my sinuses which is getting better and better. ..I am so happy to have my life back, and to be on the road to recovery!  The path to healing is simple with this program and these products–thank you Dr. G!!

-Jean H.

Click this link to see the full, live testimonial! >>>  - http://mystairway2health.psmutheme.com/success-stories/jeans-story/

I am 33 years old and very proud to say the healthiest I have ever been! My life has been spent in and out of countless doctor’s offices and hospital after hospital. I have a very complex medical history.  I have Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, Systemic Lupus, and Chrohn’s Disease.

When I was 22… my doctor looked me in the eye and said “Look…we know you are sick. You are dying, but not today. You are still alive now, so what are you going to do with it?

The only hope I had of living a good life in my body was to figure it out on my own.

On June 1 2012, I finally found answers! I began my health recovery program by taking the essential nutrients that my body needs. It has been heaven sent!  I noticed immediate results in the first week!   My health continues to get better!

-Emma M.

Click this link to see the full, live testimonial! >>>  - http://mystairway2health.psmutheme.com/success-stories/emmas-story