Hi!  My name is Becky Gaisford.  I have been married to the love of my life for over 37 years now.  In that time, we have raised our two beautiful daughters and we now enjoy watching them raise our eight wonderful grandchildren. Welcome to my neck of the woods!

Family in Bryce Canyon


In the course of our lives, we have come to realize that each day is a gift and life is very precious. To be able to enjoy each day to its’ fullest and to be able to make a difference in someone’s life begins with feeling the best that we can!

I’ve been on a journey to discover ways to be healthier and improve the quality of my life. Good food, proper nutrition and exercise are just a few of the ways that I’ve learned. But, that is not all. Achieving a balanced lifestyle is also learning to recognize and seize opportunities when they arise and spending time with those who matter the most.

Each Day Is a Gift

The purpose of my site is to share some ideas and discoveries that have helped me balance out my life and regain my health.

I have a section for healthy recipes in my blog.
I have articles and videos with information that just may be entirely new to you and, perhaps, even life-changing. (It’s been a game-changer for me and I am hoping it will be for you, too!)
I have included a progress journal that I have kept to document the steps of progress I have made since beginning my new healthy program. That journal can be found in my blog, as well.
Healthy and balanced living tips are included on the site.
Photos litter my website because I love to take pictures! (After all, it has been a hobby that just about saved my life!) I hope you enjoy them, too.

There is something here for everyone.  My hope is that you will spend some time looking around and learn the information that is here.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more and to allow me to answer any questions that you might have.  It could make all the difference for you, too!


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