It seems that when the weather turns cold, people tend to get sick. Cold and flu viruses seem to be everywhere!  Since we have big demands with our employment, we can’t always choose to stay at home.  So…we go to work sick and help spread the “love” around! In our workplaces, the air we breathe is often recycled, filtered air.  There aren’t always windows to crack open. So…we tend to spread that “love” even further!  What can be done to minimize our chances of getting sick, especially when everyone around us is already sick?  Many would offer the suggestion to go out and get a flu shot.  I repel that idea!  Here is why:  the flu shots given each year are targeting last year’s flu strain! Besides, when the H1N1 virus broke out in epidemic proportions a few years ago, there wasn’t a single flu shot that had been administered that helped prevent that virus from spreading! In addition,  the tests given to determine if you even HAD that type of virus strain was only 50% accurate!! Yet…doctors continued to administer the test because???  ($$$$$$!!!)


A flu shot  may or may not help you from getting the flu. For some, introducing that virus to their systems causes them to get a virus they may not have contracted in the first place!  There are many who would suggest that if you don’t go out and get a flu shot, you are only setting yourself up to get very ill! That is the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard!  Here is why:


While there are many people around that have weakened immune systems, some of the best ways to keep them healthy is for them to practice good hygiene habits.  Those habits include things like:



Washing Hands

Thoroughly washing your hands after using the restroom.  Keeping your hands clean will greatly diminish the bacteria and microorganisms that are on your hands.  After using the restroom, even more serious forms of these types of bacteria can be present on your hands.  Thoroughly washing your hands after using the restroom will remove the harmful bacteria. Cleaner hands will reduce the incidences of introducing harmful bacteria, microorganisms and viruses into your body.

  • Washing your hands after shaking hands with someone, especially if they seem to have a cold or other virus is a good habit to get into.  After all, one of the best ways to contract a cold is by shaking hands with an infected person.  If soap and water are not readily available, use a good hand sanitizer and then wash your hands when the opportunity next presents itself.  (A good hand sanitizer helps but should never be a substitute for washing your hands!)




  • Become acutely aware of the times you scratch your face or rub your eyes or nose.  Try to not do that until you’ve washed or sanitized your hands.  Why?  Our hands pick up everything…especially those nasty little germs and microorganisms!  When you inadvertently rub your eyes or nose, etc., you are introducing those microorganisms directly into your system.



  • In your home, try to have separate towels for everyone in the household to use.  Get rid of that community towel!  Why?  Damp towels are a great breeding ground for microorganisms.  In a few hours, those can multiply by the tens-of-thousands!  If a person superficially washes their hands and doesn’t get all of the bacteria off, it is then wiped onto the towel.  The next person to use the towel leaves a trace of their germs behind and so on and so on.  If an ill person uses that towel, what are the chances other family members will get sick if they use that same towel?  The chances are excellent! So, by just having separate towels for everyone to use would reduce the chances of cross-contamination.






  • Try using a Netty Pot.  In the cases where people are hacking and coughing, especially in an office environment where everyone is breathing recycle_DSC0108-Ed air, washing one’s hands may not be adequate. So, what can be done to minimize getting ill?  Have you ever heard of a Netty Pot?  I like to use one especially after being obviously exposed to a person that is ill.  I flush out my nasal cavity with a saline solution that I mix up in my Netty Pot.  By flushing those little nose hairs, I can reduce my chances of getting sick because those little virus particles are being flushed out of my system before they can do a lot of harm.  The recommendation is to use the Netty Pot within 4 hours of exposure.  I am in the habit of using it nightly.  It helps reduce hay fever symptoms, too!




Avoid cross-contamination rather than exposure.  I am not a fan of flu shots. I have always felt it to be a bit folly to introduce a certain strain into my body when it’s a “crap-shoot” that those particular strains will be present in the current year’s flu bug(s).  In this author’s opinion, it is just another theory that everyone has bought into and accepts as good, sound preventive medicine. I think it really is more of an opportunity to pad the pockets of the medical community at the expense of our ignorance and gullibility! The problem is that we don’t know any better!  We just accept some of these practices as the ONLY way to become healthy!

I realize that flu shots may be beneficial to some but not all!  I believe that it might be better to practice good, sound hygiene habits, become aware of cross-contamination sources and become pro-active in keeping those germs at bay.  These are tips for staying healthy by practicing good habits on the outside.  For additional info, see my post on “Cross-Contamination”. Here’s hoping you sail through this winter with good health!


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