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Our pets are special family members. 

They love us, unconditionally. They are always happy to see us, even if they feel bad.

It’s no wonder that we want to care for these cute, furry babies the best we can. That involves giving them the best to to keep them healthy.

What should you look for in a dog or cat food?

A good dog or cat food will not contain any kind of grain filler…especially wheat. Wheat is almost like giving your pet poison. It will certainly shorten their life and possibly encourage serious diseases to crop up in their lifetime. There’s nothing more heart-breaking than to see a sweet, little animal suffer with cancer, diabetes, calcium stones, etc. Especially if it could’ve been prevented!

What about shampoos or flea and tic collars?

Instead of a flea and tic collar that is laced with an insecticide, how about a nice spray that is natural,  harmless, and effective for your pets? There’s one for dogs and one for cats! (I understand that it is safe enough that it can be used on children instead of insect repellent!)

Need a great, dry shampoo for your doggy‘s paws after they come inside and smell like the outdoors? Or how about one for your kitty, especially after they’ve used the litter box?

Do they need supplements? If so, which ones?

It seems that as animals age, they get joint problems, too.  Arthritis can set in, among other things. There is an effective supplement that can sprinkled on their food and can be given to dogs, cats, birds, horses, rats…all can benefit from this product! (Instructions on the label.)  This supplement was developed by one of the world’s leading veterinarians whose research doubled the lifespan of animals in zoos.

Want to keep your dog young and healthy for a long time? Then this product is the one you want to give them from the moment you bring them home!

Are there good treats and snacks for them?

There is a yummy treat available to give your beloved dogs and helps with their joint issues! More bang for your buck! How great is that!

Cat owners…is litter box odor a constant concern? 

Try this for eliminating litter box odor effortlessly and effectively!

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