GIrl With OrangeThe foundation of a healthy, balanced life is good nutrition. Our bodies need the right kind of fuel to run right and feel better. The source of inflammation, pain and disease is centered around not giving our bodies what they need.

I, like many of you, have my little indulgences that I enjoy.  I have, also, taken a couple of  steps back and evaluated those foods that I enjoy way too much.  Those I have simply eliminated from my diet.  WHY??? I found it easier to remove them than to try to cut down on my consumption of those foods. Some of those foods are: carbonated beverages, fried foods (especially french fries), baked goods, meats containing nitrates (like hotdogs, ham, and bacon), and pretty much all gluten (that means breads, pastas, sandwiches, most breakfast cereals, etc.)

Gluten was the toughest to get rid of because the American diet is comprised of gluten in just about everything! It is even used as a quick, cheap filler in many convenience foods. I have begun to read labels.

Eating better has only improved how I feel. Pain and inflammation are a thing of the past. Did I also mention that I am 10 pounds lighter? (What woman doesn’t want that?)

The toughest part of trying to eat healthier is doing it and still live an active and social lifestyle without trying to call attention to one’s self.  I am the type that wants to attend neighborhood cookouts and picnics, or go out to dinner without having anyone making a fuss about my special eating needs. I usually simply find the foods that I can eat. So far, it has worked out pretty well.

When it comes to everyday cooking and eating, however, there are times when I simply want a pancake with fruit and whipped cream on it!  (I think that is my all-time favorite breakfast!) I have purchased some gluten-free mixes but I do not like the extra calories that are in these mixes, nor the price tag that comes with them! So, I have come up with a few of my own recipes that are easy and inexpensive.

On top of that, I have discovered other foods that I can eat without all that bread and pasta. (I do eat some of the gluten-free versions once in a while but it is rare.) My body is thanking me for going gluten-free!

I have decided to share some of my recipes with you that are simple and satisfying. Most are made from scratch because I prefer to control what ingredients go into my meals.

There is an entire category in my blog section that is dedicated to my recipes.  It’s called “Healthy Recipes”. I hope you enjoy them and…happy eating!


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