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My husband and I attended a lecture/seminar, in St. George, Utah, on February 10, 2012. We each had the great privilege to meet and talk with the doctor on a personal basis at that event about our “health concerns.” Larry addressed his heart problems, his diabetes; and his concerns about losing feeling in his feet. Larry had given up on losing weight and JUST HAD GIVEN UP ON LIFE! He was taking a lot of prescriptions and was NOT getting better taking these prescriptions!


Larry and I began looking for burial plots for both of us, setting up all our “trusts” and preparing ourselves to leave this life. Larry followed the doctor’s recommendations and is now having GREAT RESULTS. He’s lost 35 pounds, is reversing the diabetes, no longer has high blood pressure, (without taking prescriptions), pain in his feet is GONE, and he is almost off all of his prescriptions!


I also addressed my “health concerns”, at the same event. I explained to the doctor how my intestinal track was not working, that I had severe digestive disorders where I could no longer walk normal. I had abdominal pain 24/7, had been tested and was diagnosed with IBS, Diverticulitis, and Celiac Disease. I could not leave the house; had to be near the bathroom all the time! On top of this, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease (DDD), along with a pinched nerve that showed up in an MRI test.  I was told by regular MD’s that I would have to have surgery for both of these illnesses.


WELL, I WAS NOT HAVING THESE SURGERIES, AND LOOKED AT ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE! I followed the other doctor’s recommendations and went “GLUTEN FREE” and began a complete nutritional supplement program with the 91 essential nutrients. I NOW HAVE MY LIFE BACK! My intestinal tract is back on track and the pain is GONE! (The pain is gone from the DDD, too!) I  JUST DISCOVERED THAT I HAVE DROPPED TWO PANTS SIZES! I tried everything and spent A GREAT DEAL OF MONEY trying to lose weight and NOTHING worked until now!  All my body needed was the nutrients it was lacking to fix itself!
We will be forever grateful to the Doc that showed us proper nutrition. We have helped ourselves by taking the 91 essential  nutrients and now we can assist others in doing the same.  With both “HEALTH AND WEALTH”…WHAT MORE COULD ONE WANT! What an opportunity that has come our way at such a great time in our lives!


-Larry and Linda P.


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