Are You On The Diet and Exercise Yo-Yo-Go-Round For Losing Weight?


It seems that no matter what you do, you can’t shed those unwanted pounds.  You’re getting desperate.  You see a new diet that promises great results and you read lots of testimonies about how wonderful it is.  You try this fad diet and that fad diet. Nothing seems to work.   Is there really a healthy way to lose weight anymore?!

If you Google “weight loss”, that topic has over 378 MILLION hits, meaning that number of pages online contain that phrase.  That’s a lot of interest in the subject, and it’s no surprise. Here are some statistics on obesity:

  • 68.8% of adults are overweight or obese; 35.7% are obese.

  • 31.8% of children and adolescents are overweight or obese; 16.9% are obese.

  • Over 300,000 deaths a year in the U.S. are related to obesity.

Obesity in adults is sky-rocketing, and childhood obesity is the fastest-growing health epidemic in the United States Do you have a “fat” gene?  Are you simply lazy?  If you are really overweight and seem to have tried everything, your doctor may even suggest lap band or gastric bypass surgery.  Is cutting out your stomach really the answer? (There are some serious risks from such a radical procedure.)


A United Nations study release in May 2009 stated:

“Overeating, not a lack of exercise is to blame for the American obesity epidemic.” 

The only reason people are overweight is that they eat too many calories—period.



One reason that people overeat, and that’s because their body is STARVING—not for calories, but for nutrition, and there’s a difference.  If you are at the end of your rope trying to lose weight, there is HOPE!


Have you ever considered that the root cause of your inability to lose weight could be centered in the fact that your body is deficient in the essential nutrients that it needs?

  • Obesity is a DEFICIENCY DISEASE.

  • Fat is NOT CAUSED by Fat.

  • The more carbohydrates you eat, the more fat your body makes.

  • Mineral deficiencies cause you to eat more.



Just as your car won’t run on an empty gas tank, your body has a “nutrition” tank that needs to be filled every single day so you can function.  If it is not filled every day, it’s just a matter of time before the body loses those nutrients, and when the nutrients are depleted things in the body start to “break”.


The main advice we receive in this country is to “eat right, exercise and take vitamins.”  There is no more common phrase associated with losing weight.  Let’s do a little reality check on these words right now.

My Plate

Eating right.  What does that even mean?  Most of us have taken our cue from the government publications, namely the FDA’s food charts.  The latest is called “My Plate” as illustrated here:



The FDA recommendations sound smart and “sensible”, however, there are some definite problems with what they recommend.  There really are such things as “Good Foods and Bad Foods.”  Our members learn what helps them reach their goals, and what foods to avoid.


Even if you eat a very healthy, balanced diet every day you get only about 30% of the nutrients you need.  Everyone is America and most of the world is nutritionally deficient.  Why is it that you can eat a huge meal and two hours later be hungry?  It’s because your body is starving, and it knows it.  Your central nervous system literally forces you to eat, because it knows if you keep going and going without filling up with real nutrition, you’re going to develop some serious conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis and many other diseases that are running rampant in our country.


Exercise.  We’re told we need more exercise.  What happens when you exercise?  You sweat.  And what do you sweat out?  Minerals vitamins and amino acids, the things your body is already lacking.

Exercise and movement is critical to your health but  timing is everything when it comes to preparing your body for exercise so that you don’t do further damage.

Exercising without being properly nutrified actually causes you to GAIN WEIGHT, the opposite of what you think you are doing.


Vitamins.  Any multi-vitamins will suffice to supplement whatever you’re not getting through eating food, right?  WRONG!  All supplements are NOT created equal.  Workers who empty Port-A-Potties all over the country have testified to seeing hundreds and thousands of undigested vitamin tablets and capsules as they are performing their job.


If you aren’t absorbing anything from the pills you’re taking, you are wasting your money.  It’s not about how much you take, it’s about how much you ABSORB That is the key to supplementation, as well as the “recipe” for the supplements themselves.


What if I told you there is a simple plan for healthy eating, with the highest quality nutritional supplements, that will not only guarantee weight loss but will also support your body’s own natural ability to heal itself from the chronic illnesses plaguing our nation today?  All WITHOUT exercising for the first month or two? 


When you nutrify your body, your appetite goes down more and more.  Because you are supporting your body’s nutritional needs, and it’s the first time your body has been nutritionally satisfied…it’s a game changer.  And that’s how we do it. (The baseline essential nutrients consists of 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 Amino acids, and 2-3 Essential Fatty Acids.)


Our doctors have developed a weight loss plan based on over 30 years experience medical practice, using science -based and clinically- verified medical nutrition THAT WORKS!  It is possible to lose weight in a healthy, safe manner that is not only permanent, but is also healing the other systems of your body at the same time.  It’s like 25 for the price of one.

This program has worked for many, many others and it can work for you, too. Why not join with us today and get started on the road to total health?

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