Even though I have spent a lifetime trying to eat right and exercise, a few injuries and some health problems affected my over-all health. My neck seized up to where I could not turn my head at all.  Intense pain coursed through my body constantly. Inflammation, muscle pain and weakness, and feeling like I had been hit by a bus became a part of my every day life.  I was discouraged but dedicated to trying to improve my health. (That condition remained with me for a period of a little over three years.) The final straw to intensify my quest was when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis.  I began a journey to find natural ways to fix whatever had gone wrong.

Since everyone seemed to have a different idea on what was healthy or they have the “best nutritional program” out there, it was a difficult quest. How was I to determine which supplements to take?  How did I know if the formulas were correct? How could I tell that I was getting quality ingredients?


Looking for Answers

I kept looking.


A friend introduced me to a program that is based upon years clinical and science research.  A doctor with impressive credentials founded this program. His program made a lot of sense and he had the research and proof to back it up!  His program seemed to be much more in-depth than any competitor’s. It felt like a good fit for me.  What did I have to lose at this point?

After listening to what the doc and some of his colleagues had to say, I decided to try the program.

That was my first step!

My First Step

Parts of the program required some dietary changes, along with a complete nutritional supplement regimen.  I knew some of the “bad” foods were things I wasn’t ready to give up just then.  For me, it had to come in the form of “baby steps”. I was already eating pretty healthy and many of my healthy eating habits were already things that the doc suggested. I knew I needed some time to process all of those changes. (After all, the “free spirits” of the world have to do things in their own way!)

Even with not making all of the dietary changes in the first week, I still made some good progress. I felt some small changes.  They were small things like I could breathe better at night because my nose didn’t get as clogged when I slept.  I felt a bit more rested each morning when I arose. Some of the “puffiness” seemed to be leaving my body.  I was encouraged!

Those small changes were just enough to realize I was on the right path. So…I kept on going!



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