After just four weeks of being on my new nutritional program, the progress I experienced was great.  Here are a couple of journal entries that I made regarding that progress:

“The inflammation is significantly less than it was just four weeks ago. I can turn my head more freely without having to turn my entire body to look at things. The over-all stiffness in my limbs, joints, and spine is lessening each day.  I feel as good as I did when I received my first shot of cortisone…only without ANY of the side-effects I experienced with that injection!  For the first time in 3 years, I have hope that I can become completely well again. (This has an amazing euphoric effect on a person’s attitude and out-look on life!)

During that time, I made a few changes to what I was doing and kept looking for ways to achieve maximum absorption. It still really troubled me that I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis.  I felt compelled to try to make up for lost time. I felt confident that I could reverse some of the damage that had been done.  Another entry from week four said:

“It has taken me this long to finally “get on board” with a more complete program. I am a “free-spirit” of sorts and have to do things in my own way and in my own time-frame.  I have realized that my progress can be accelerated by avoiding more of the “bad” foods and upping some of my dosages to where they really ought to be at.

Here’s what I did:

  • I began taking my supplements according to my true body weight. ( 3 scoops/day…each in a 500 ml bottle of water. I sip this all day long…literally! I’m after maximum absorption.)

  • I added extra liquid calcium.

  • I added extra selenium to my program. (This is to help counteract and reverse the varicose veins in my leg, reduce the risk of breast cancer by 82%,& a LOT of other things!) For more info on selenium…read my article about it here:

  • I added Ocean’s Gold to help balance my hormones (no-one can stand me as I trudge through menopause!) and help support a healthy body weight,etc. (My metabolism seems to have come to a “stand-still” in the past 1 1/2 years… after I had a colonoscopy.)

  • I have GREATLY reduced my intake of all gluten.  (This has been a big challenge for me. I am not completely gluten-free but I really reduced my intake.)  Since I know I’m not absorbing calcium properly…I think I need to take heed of the warning signs and try to reverse the damage that’s already been done.

  • I’ve added enzymes and a different pro-biotic to my program.  This is to help fix my gut and increase absorption capabilities!

“In the meantime, I seem to be feeling only better and better, over-all.  Even without losing a lot of weight yet…my abdomen is shrinking. I seem to be losing fat from there.  It’s noticeable enough that my husband has noticed it, too.  Since my body seems to be moving in the right direction, I will keep going with this program!

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