The first real change I noticed this week was when we went on a family vacation to Moon Lake. We took our truck, which isn’t the smoothest-riding vehicle. My neck has a tendency to seize-up a bit more when I ride for long distances in it.

As we rode along, I noticed that I could turn my head and look at my husband without turning my entire body.  I thought that it must be a bit of a “fluke”, at first. But, when we stopped for gas and to get a little treat in the store, I noticed that I could turn my head a bit better while walking around in the store!  Could this stuff be working that quickly?  I was optimistic but cautiously so.

Trailer By Moonlight








The entire week-end was great!  I still had some stiff muscles and had some difficulty stepping in and out of the trailer but I felt better, over-all. I slept very well out there.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to rest very well in our trailer but that wasn’t the case.

I was even more encouraged!



My finger joints seemed to be less swollen, even though my wedding band wouldn’t quite fit over my swollen knuckles, yet. I knew that with time, I would be able put that ring back on. My husband began to notice that I could move  better. I decided to conscientiously cut-back on gluten. I, also, decided to try and increase the amount of eggs I ate each day.

I was cautiously excited!



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