Good changes continue to be happening for me. I’ve been on this supplement program for 15 months now. Subtle, yet good changes continue to be happening.

During this time, I’ve had a couple of falls…resulting in injuring my already weak neck.

The result???

I had slight neck pain and stiffness (nothing very severe, though.) but my neck has bounced right back with just a little hiccup.

My neck is currently better than it has been for over 26 years!  I can now look up without much discomfort at all. I can turn it more freely than I have been able to do for MANY, MANY years.

My skin stays moisturized and I am finding that I don’t need as much body lotion or even lip balm.

My stretch marks are practically gone and my abdominal skin is tightening up without any additional abdominal exercises.

My fingernails are even stronger and smoother than before and they don’t need to be filed much.  I don’t get those little “snags” on them, causing them to catch on clothes, etc.  They don’t rip or tear anymore and they grow even faster than before.

I have more energy and my circulation seems to be improving.

My feet don’t hurt as much.

I am rested after sleeping only 6-7 hours instead of my usual 8 +.

I feel more productive and life continues be wonderful!

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