A Stairway to Health

In November, I felt like I was on a “plateau” of sorts.  My progress didn’t seem to be advancing in any noticeable degrees. (I had been on the program for about 6 months.) My neck didn’t seem to be getting any better and I wasn’t seeing any real results happening with my varicose veins or aging spots. With a little more research, I decided add Ultimate Daily to my regimen.  Ultimate Daily has been described to me as the “roto-router” for the body’s circulation system (i.e.- all the veins and arteries, etc.) I have always had cold hands and feet which is an indication of poor circulation so I decided to include Ultimate Daily into my regimen. I decided to only add 1 per meal instead of 2. Apparently, adding Ultimate Daily was just the thing I needed!  My neck made more progress and I was able to move it more freely.

My geographic tongue is beginning to go away! I’m noticing some of my varicose veins are receding.   I take that as a good sign!

As far as losing those first 7 stubborn pounds…I’m very excited!  It’s been a tough, long journey.  My metabolism has been off. As I feel my body continue to heal, I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to not only lose the last 5 stubborn pounds but, perhaps, a few more!

My sixth step has been a big one!  I continue to improve. I’ve had to be a bit patient as not everything has improved at the rate I would’ve liked. However, I continue to feel great and I can fit into most of my clothes, once again. I have increased energy and I’m sleeping well again! I’m here to tell you that this program is unlike anything else that I’ve seen out on the market today.  It is so much more complete and the results are…well…miraculous!

I’ve come to appreciate each and every day that I have more and more.  I can enjoy my time and feel more productive. I’ve always said that each day is a gift and I’ve come to appreciate those words even more now!



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