On week number three with my new nutritional supplement program,  my nose seemed to get even less stuffy at night.  My sleep became even better, even with getting up several times each night.  I felt more rested and could get up sooner each morning. After three years of poor sleep, that’s great progress!

I found I could turn my head even more freely than before. The over-all inflammation seemed to be much less throughout by entire body.  I lost about one more pound! Yay!  My rings could now fit over my big knuckle, even if a bit tight.




I felt empowered! So, I did something that I shouldn’t have done that week…



 I picked plums off of our tree in the back yard.  For the average person, that really isn’t a big deal but it has been a difficult task for me to do. Any activity that has required me to look up or put my arms over my head has been next to impossible to do.  Pain has been the result of such activities, usually ending with a few days of recuperation in bed.



I over-did and paid the price with pain shooting down my arms. However… my neck didn’t “freeze-up” like it had in the past.  The arm pain was only for a day and then went away quickly!


My eyes didn’t get itchy while being outdoors like in the past nor did I sneeze or have my sinuses get stuffed up! I became even more optimistic! Could this new supplement program really help with my hay fever?


My left leg didn’t swell up like it has in the past…especially when standing on it for hours at a time.  I DID stand on it for a long time!  I had to do something with all those plums!  I made some plum chipotle barbeque sauce and bottled it.

Pitting and cooking down 5 quarts of plums required me to be on my feet longer than I would’ve liked but… I found that I COULD do it without a lot of discomfort…even on tile floors!




Oh…and the plum chipotle barbecue sauce?  It’s really good!



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