Jean H

About two years ago I developed sinus congestion which got worse and worse.  I started going to different doctors for help.  I got bronchitis last October, and although I mostly recovered my health changed.  I had congestion in my chest that wouldn’t go away, a cough, and I also had horrible insomnia.  I rarely slept more than 2 hours a night, and the sleep deprivation made me into a different person–it was simply terrible!!  I had no life, and was losing hope that I would ever recover.

I discovered these products and Dr. G through a radio program.  After learning the right protocol with the products and how to change my diet, I started feeling a bit better.  I had been very faithful for almost four  months and was beginning to get discouraged again.  Amazingly, right at the four-month mark I started sleeping through the night and my cough went away.  I now have just a little congestion in my sinuses which is getting better and better.  I am glad I stuck with it long enough to see results–I am so happy to have my life back, and to be on the road to recovery!  The path to healing is simple with this program and these products–thank you Dr. G!!

-Jean H.



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