Sandra and Sean


Living in a mountainous region like Utah provides the perfect opportunity for outdoor recreation.  However, when pain becomes a factor in back country hiking, this can make for a very unpleasant experience.  Having weak joints for most of my life, I had to be careful in everything I did, especially when it came to running or hiking.  I could hike several miles up a trail with no problem, but it was coming back down- hill that created all the problems.  It was mandatory that I would carry a set of knee braces in my back pack for the return trip or else I would not make it down due to the massive pain in my joints.  We listened to a lecture on May 5, 2012 in St. George, Utah given by a world-renowned naturopathic doctor.  We were blown away by what we had learned about how the body requires the 91 Essential nutrients for optimal health, but the proof was in the results I experienced!  About 45 days after beginning this new supplement program, we were making a strenuous hike up to Gobbler’s Knob in Millcreek Canyon and I forgot to put my knee braces on.  On the way down from the hike and almost to the very bottom I realized that I had no pain whatsoever in my knees and it dawned on me that I forgot to put my knee braces on.  Sean and I looked at each other and said, “no way, could this really have worked that well?”  We both said simultaneously, “Wow, this stuff really works!!” and I haven’t used knee braces ever again.  All the pain that was occurring in my knee joints is completely gone and we have been on several hikes since then.Sandra

Weak joints were not the only health problem I had either.  Can you imagine being a dental assistant and having issues with Carpal Tunnel??  I was in a lot of pain as I am constantly using my hands while assisting the dentist.  The pain used to be so unbearable that I had to come home from work every night and wrap my wrist in a bandage.  It got to the point that I almost had to make a career change.  Not only did the Carpal Tunnel flare up when I was working, but I became a human barometer as my wrists could tell whenever there was storm in the area.  About the same time that my joints started healing, so did my Carpal Tunnel.  So glad I found this nutritional supplement program!!





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